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A story of passion and enthusiasm

About Us


First of all: we are travelers.

We know well what those who come to visit this beautiful Continent are looking for and we have the knowledge and experience to show it to the fullest.

The purpose of BENARRIVATI AFRICA is to offer extremely personalized services to its customers, without sacrificing quality. We do not extract prebuilt packages from our shelves, hoping that they can satisfy everyone: we take our time to study and build each process, based on our passionate love for travel, on our deep knowledge of the region and, nevertheless, on our client's interests, tastes, time and budget.


Antonella Giancoli

Antonella founded BENARRIVATI in 2008 in Rome, with the goal of offering differentiated services in world of tourism. Her goal was to offer highly personalized services. Her explorational trips around the world and professional experience in the tourism industry are the foundation of her company values. With the same enthusiasm and dedication, Antonella has since opened offices in Brazil and in the USA.

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Anna Boni

Following her graduation she received a Masters in Tourism Management at Luiss Business School, to immediately enter the world of tourism, which has always been her passion.

She has always been in love with Africa and has visited the Dark Continent countless times. For the last ten years, with the same contagious enthusiasm as ever, she has been designing personalized travel itineraries for all types of travelers.

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Our Team


Marcello Giancoli


Nathalia Bertholdo


Rhaiza Mota


Renata Galli


Georgina Georgiou




We strongly believe in Customer satisfation as our best advertisement and every day we put our all into providing the highest services to our Clients: this means also to speak their own language.

Our team of professionals, each focusing on a particular language, provide you with support and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days/year, with:

                         ✔ ARABIC      ✔ ENGLISH      ✔ ITALIAN      ✔ PORTUGUESE      ✔ SPANISH

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